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3 amazing charities for donating your car and getting a tax deduction

Donating your car for a tax deduction is really easy if you know where to go; it’s no secret that if you’re interested in this kind of donation, you need to come to a qualified charity to be able to actually claim the deduction, but how to decide which charity to choose? Or maybe you don’t even know any charities.
Luckily for you, there’re some sites that are responsible for helping you find the right charity and process all the car donation’s issues easily, and then selling it for giving the money to the charity you’ve already picked.
If you’re looking for a way of getting rid of your old car and get some taxes deductions or just want to donate a car to charity and get some benefit, we recommend you 3 amazing sites for donating your car and getting a tax deduction.

Cars2charities is definitely one of the best options for donating to any cause you want; they not only help you (and the organization) manage all the process of donating your car to charity easily and then giving the best money they can make to that cause. Of course, you’ll also receive a very high tax deduction.
The reason this website is such a good option resides in their innovative operating model where they actually fix and improve your car’s condition in order to get as much money as possible so your deductions are also the biggest possible.

Charity Motors
This particular website is quite a good one for making car donations for charity as they actually kind of make two charity actions with your sole car. This is because they actually sell your car to people in need for half the fair market price and then donate almost everything to the charity of your choice.
You can choose the charity, help a stranger in need and also get the full value of the fair market price of your donated car in taxes deductions.

This website is especially for the Jewish and it’s actually a charity organization itself, which intends to bring education to Jewish children around the world. Donating a car to this charity will grant you a deductible on your taxes and you’ll get a vacation voucher for FREE!
But the actual best part of considering Kars4Kids as one of the best charities for donating your car is that they work at home to make sure kids get all the benefit with no expensive intermediaries.